Teamwork succeeds against all odds

Dr M is an 82 year old retired GP who suffered a stroke which left him with major right-side paralyses, no speech and doubly incontinent. His family wanted him cared for in his own home to aid his recovery.

They selected Northwood Nursing & Care Service because of our reputation for experienced, pro-active care and nursing. Dr M dearly wanted to attend his grandson's wedding, but this was looking extremely unlikely. We supplied nurse-led care, recommending an excellent neuro-physiotherapist who advised on the best programme for rehabilitation. Additionally, we identified (and insisted on) the best equipment to support his recovery.

We included in his rehabilitation plan: Pressure care, bowel & bladder retraining, nutrition, physiotherapy and companionship. The health care team and family worked together to provide encouragement and to ensure that all our care plans were followed.

Amazingly, only three weeks later, Dr M could speak, was continent and able to weight-bear during transfer from chair to wheelchair. Against all odds, we accompanied Dr M to his grandson's wedding!

Head injury case study

Northwood Nursing & Care Services was approached by an Occupational Therapist (OT) to supply care for John, a 16 year old young man recovering from a head injury. The injury resulted from him being knocked down by a car on his way home from school. Following his acute treatment he attended two specialist centres for brain injury. Our assessment, which took place at his home, showed he slept during the day, or at times for several days, watched T.V. and videos and surfed the internet at night. Although independent, he lacked routine. His medication was often not taken and appointments not kept.

A care plan was developed, in conjunction with John, his family and the O.T. This care plan included housework, exercise, leisure activities and educational courses. The challenge was his erratic sleep patterns, no structure to his day, inability to concentrate and incontinence of urine particularly when sleeping. Our staff were given strict parameters in order to provide support for John without robbing him of his independence – a challenging balancing act!

Our involvement with John lasted 5 years, during which time he made slow but steady progress. A mutual trust developed which was the cornerstone of his recovery. We continued to support John until he became fully independent.





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